Donations and Endowment Gifts

As a nonprofit charitable organization, Listening Ear relies on a wide range of supporters to meet its mission. To help ensure sustainability, Listening Ear has established endowment funds within the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation. The interest earned on the invested fund principal will provide a permanent source of added revenue for each program.  (View Tax Savings or Estate Planning below, for more information about the benefits of contributing to a community foundation.)

In 2000, a Child Sexual Abuse Treatment endowment fund was created to preserve and enhance Listening Ear’s Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.  The program serves children ages 3 to 17, free of charge, who have been victims of sexual abuse, molestation or incest.  A therapy group is also offered for women who were molested as children.  A community led fund drive called “Opportunity to Heal” has helped to grow the fund.

Crisis Center endowment fund was established to provide a lasting source of income to help support the organization’s anchor program — providing information, referral and crisis line services 24 hours every day of the year since 1969.  Mental health professionals and technicians help explore options and solutions to problems and offer care and support to over 20,000 callers each year when there is no where else to turn.  A campaign called “Always There” is still underway with the goal of building the fund to at least $1,500,000.

In 2005, a new Endowment Fund called Consumers Needs and Dreams was created. Income from this endowed fund will help consumers meet their personal needs or achieve their goals and dreams for the future — whether it is an adult with disabilities starting their own micro-enterprise business, a young adult affected by homelessness getting their own apartment or a foster child going on to college.

In 2011, in memory and in honor of a past board member and Listening Ear supporter, a new endowment was established at the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation called the Phil A. Langlois Endowment Fund for Listening Ear. Its primary purpose is to support programs and consumers of Listening Ear.

Make a donation to Listening Ear Endowment…

To donate via check, print a Donation Form.
The form and check should be mailed to:
Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation
P.O. Box 1283
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-1283

Tax Information:
A donation made to Listening Ear or their endowment funds in the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation (MPACF) may be deductible as a charitable gift for federal income tax purposes. Your charitable gift may qualify for the maximum tax advantage under federal law.

Estate Planning

There are many options for creating a family legacy through estate planning — by making regular payments or a planned gift, donating stocks or property, and other means. You can also remember Listening Ear in your will or life insurance policy. For legal purposes, our name is Crisis Center Inc. d.b.a. Listening Ear. For further information, contact Joshua Caswell, Interim Executive Director at (989) 773-6904, Ext. 3224