Working Together for Success

Working Together for Success

For Martin’s entire life, his grandmother has been his guardian. With developmental disabilities themselves, Martin’s parents were unable to care for him properly, as he also has developmental disabilities.

The living arrangement with his grandmother worked well for Martin and his family, until he entered into his pre-teen years. He began to get upset more easily, and would frequently stop, scream, throw things, destroy rooms, lock people out of the family home, and even be physically violent with his grandmother. He refused to take medications or engage in therapy. His grandmother wasn’t even comfortable taking Martin on simple errands, like shopping at Walmart, which lead to them never leaving their home. His grandmother attempted to find assistance with her local Community Mental Health, but after awhile they had tried all of the options they could and weren’t making positive progress. Martin was referred to Listening Ear’s Foster Care program at the age of 13.

Now 18 years old, Martin is preparing to graduate from his high school program. He visits with his grandmother at least monthly and has not been violent with her since he was placed in his foster home. He also visits with his parents, so he is able to build relationships with them. Martin had developed meaningful relationships with his foster parents and they have learned how to communicate with him in order to be his advocate. Martin now loves to go out in the community and on weekly shopping trips with his foster parents, where he is able to learn skills for independent living. 


*Names have been changed.

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